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What Good is 1˚?

What good is one degree? One degree is a seemingly minimal amount, but what if we reconsider this? Perhaps it can be a significant difference.

For a great example of what a 1˚ change will have over the long term, consider this:

We have decided we would like to hit the center of the moon with a rocket. We have all the data in order, and we are ready for launch. At the last moment, we adjust the launch angle by 1˚ and fire! The 1˚ change will be in effect for ~237,000 miles. The result from the 1˚ adjustment; We will miss the moon by twice the moon's diameter. A 1˚ change in trajectory misses the moon entirely.

When it comes to lifestyle changes, we are almost all familiar with the challenges that changing aspects of our lifestyles can be.

In Alan Deutschman's book, Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life, he found only 11% of people will make lifestyle changes even after they are told they could prolong their life, restore their health, and even reverse diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

As someone who needed to make lifestyle changes, I was very familiar with the cycle. We want to change, contemplate change, and come up with all the items we need to change! And of course, we try to change everything at once! We want to lose weight so we will change our diet completely, we will increase our exercise to every single day, and then work calls us in, or we get injured or or or,...we...,...start...,,...SLOW…down. Seriously, How often does this actually work?

I had a shift in my thinking a couple of years ago. I started thinking about what a significant difference small changes can make over time. I know making small changes over time may not have the immediate impact we all love (and what many of our bosses in our business lives would like to hear!) But what are we really driving for? A grandiose statement, a big splash, and then the slow return to the status quo?

Or, are we looking to make a change that sticks? One that we look back on in a year or two or ten and think, "I am still doing this"!

How much can a 1˚ change in your trajectory change your health and wellness? Think of this; in a 2012 study on exercise,, it showed that one minute of moderate exercise will return seven minutes of life gained!

Regardless of where you desire change, a 1˚ change may miss the moon, but good news; you will end up among the stars!

Need help with that 1˚ change, let me assist you.

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