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Cheat Days and Faulty Thinking

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

How often do we hear people on various diets or fitness programs discussing "Cheat Days"?

When we say or hear "cheat days," it often comes in the discussion of birthdays, holidays, a tough workout, or one of many other days we look forward too and enjoy!

We work hard, we achieve, and then we cheat! We pay for coaches, programs, exercise equipment, shoes, and as we push to succeed, we reward ourselves with…cheating.

Cheating is a shameful word. When do you positively use "cheating"? I ask myself this question: "In what other areas of my life do I seek to cheat or worse yet, be cheated?" "None" is my answer 100% of the time!

If we are looking forward to our cheat day, we should pause and ask ourselves a simple question: "Why?" What do we need to adjust? Are our goals too high, our motivation too low, or are we missing the plan for addressing obstacles? Are we just not in sync with our vision of who we want to be? Perhaps a reevaluation is in order.

When we want to celebrate, what if we thought, "I am excited to treat myself well," and be ready to follow the eating, sleeping, drinking, fitness habits we have been working so hard on. Be prepared when we see the challenge in front of us. Instead of saying/thinking, "I earned this cheat," we say, "I am rewarding myself by prioritizing me and my vision of who I want to be, I matter!"

If we change our thinking, we change our speaking, and we change our actions.

We should strive to be faithful to our vision of health and wellness; we are worth it!

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