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What to Expect in Working With Me?

We do not lose our way, from a health and wellness perspective overnight. We put on a few pounds, we misunderstand our stress and how to use it to our advantage, we carry around unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, and years later, we wake up sick, unhappy and generally dissatisfied. Our physical health suffers, our relationships suffer, and we wonder: "How did this happen?"

It happened slowly, over time. Precisely how repairing ourselves will be implemented and sustained. We
 do not get sick overnight; we will not get well overnight either.

Yet we can get well!

I am not a typical health and wellness coach.  My perspective on Health and Wellness has been shaped not solely from my personal changes. I have a bachelor's degree in Human Biology which keeps me grounded in scientific principles. My service in the U.S. Marine Corps, years at Medtronic working in Image-Guided Neurosurgery, and unrelenting curiosity, lead me to question the status quo and find answers in unlikely places.

In my blog post, "What good is 1˚?", I make the argument for my style of coaching. We will make small, manageable steps in the direction of your desired change. I will collaborate with you, providing the resources and the support you need to realize your changes.

There are a lot of "I's" in these paragraphs. So what is required of you? Desire to change, willingness to be honest, and the guts to put all the excuses away. If you are willing to help yourself, I will support you 100%! If you are looking for me to create change for you and you will wake up with a new life, I genuinely wish you the best of luck. There is no intent to sound harsh or dismissive. I write it from a place of respect for your time, money, and effort. I am not the coach for you.

This partnership will depend on you to tell me what you are capable of, and I will provide input that supports your change. Another person cannot or should not make these decisions for you. Spend a little time to educate yourself and communicate your desired
 modifications to your doctor while working with me.  If you are on medications for any reason, you should only make adjustments as directed by your doctor.

Change is a process. I will be your ally and work on your behalf to help you sustainably improve your life,  to feel better, live better, and enjoy the rewards of all your effort.  You are worth the effort; you are worth the changes; you are worth the commitment to yourself.     

So, what will it be like to work with me? It will be exactly that, work. Together we can gain 
control of your life, your habits, and your mindset and create change from the bottom up. Make no mistake, though; you have to change things to have things change!

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