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Lee-Anne Brandt

I have been working with Chris since April 2019. In that time I have lost close to 30 kgs / 61 pounds. Before losing the weight, I had struggled with traditional dieting. I was constantly sick and in pain. I was receiving cortisone injections into my hips and knees regularly. Chris helped me see the benefits of diet and exercise. I have, at his suggestion, stopped eating wheat and sugar. Chris shared his personal experience with foods that do not benefit your body. He shared recipe ideas and gave me the motivation to try different things at mealtimes. Chris also gave me the impetus to start exercising and we found an exercise regime that I could incorporate into my life. He gave me the tools and provoked thought about how I wanted to see myself in the future. Throughout this process he encouraged me and praised my efforts. His belief in me made me believe in myself. I still have a ways to go, I feel immesureably better and am no longer in pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris Fox as your personal nuitritional coach. 

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